Smart Ovulation Test Kit

Forecasts risk of disease with AI

KaradaKarada provides service for women taking on fertility or infertility treatments and clinics that provide the treatments.

For a positive environment and service to approach infertility treatments.

KaradaKarada aspires to deliver the most advanced healthcare service and supports your body by synergizing ICT and iPhone.

The Pregnancy version provides services specifically for women and doctors who support those seeking fertility and infertility treatments.

Want to consult a professional

I want to be treated at the right clinic for me.

Managing base temperature and test result data the smart way.

Ovulation day at a glance.

Answer to your “needs” in fertility.

Supporting daily activities by linking various tools.

Supportive app that cater to the commitment of facing pregnancy.

Main Functions


  • Notification function for users
  • Sharing of healthcare data


  • Record of healthcare data such as base body temperature, menstrual day and weight.
  • Countdown of days to ovulation period.
  • Forcast the next menstruation day.
  • Ovulation day alert
  • Search infertility clinics
  • Forecast the probability of breast cancer within 4 years with AI

About the App

Forecasting the probability of breast cancer for the next 4 years with AI

AI predicts breast cancer incidence within 4 years by simply answering 43 questions on blood test results and lifestyle habits.

The forecasting of diseases is not only for breast cancer, but also nine other diseases. (Paid feature)

For welcoming a healthy baby, let’s manage your health first.

Link test result easily with the app.

It supports the world’s first ovulation test kit “Eveline” where ovulation test results can be read easily with the app.

By using Evaline and KaradaKarada as a set, it can be used even more conveniently.

  • It will download ovulation test results and display it in the app.
  • It will notify the best test dates upon entering ovulation phase.
  • Ovulation test results will be saved in the app.

Wirelessly record temperature measurements.

When using a TDK electronic thermometer for women, you can transfer data wirelessly.

The data is stored in the thermometer for a week, saving you the time of input.

Share data with doctors.

Share data with the doctors at clinics that have integrated KaradaKarada.


Easy to use. Just record the date of menstruation and count down to the ovulation period.

Also, the entered data will be graphed for easy understanding.

Basic functions are free of charge.

Basic functions such as recording base temperature or healthcare data are available free.

No advertisements on the app like other free apps.

Supports Apple's health app

The entered data will also be stored in Apple’s standard health app simultaneously.

The data will remain in your iPhone even after pregnancy for record keeping.

Supports Apple Watch

Body temperature may be entered by Apple Watch in addition to receiving new notifications.