AI prediction was introduced in Koureisha Jutaku Shimbun (The newspaper for nursing care staff and related organization and companies)

About new app to be released soon “AI prediction”,which predicts 10 diseases occurrence

The app was introduced as IT news of Koureisha Jutaku Shimbun on 1 May.

 While an aging society is a big issue, the health care of people who support seniors is very important. The article explains how this app can help those people to maintain their health.

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■Article detail

AI predicts disease occurrence
Measuring by inputting health check result

SPEC(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), software development and consulting company, will officially release in late May “KARADAkarada AI”, an application which predicts 10 major diseases occurrence in next 4 years based on the past health check result.

The terms you input into the app are BMI,  Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, and weather you are smoker/non-smoker etc. In case that the result is not desirable, the application gives you an advice about lifestyle, and suggest test types you should take at the hospital.

Handy Health Care

Mr.Kuramochi, Executive officer, states that “giving an advice via application can help busy people such as nursing care staff to maintain their own health” as the purpose of application development .
Per test costs 5,000JPY. If you don’t have blood test result, you can purchase “Smaho de Doc”, blood test kit at home by KDDI, in this app at a special price.
The app is equipped with “Selvy Check UP” by Korean company SELVAS. The software makes it possible to measure disease occurrence probability by referring 1.5million people’s health data.

The company expects 10,000 users at the first year. There will be more predictable disease types and other services linked with this app in the near future.
The marketing strategy will be B to B(hospitals and corporates) according to the company.